Attraverso (work in progress)

The passage of time imposes change, mutation, and instability; photography falters, shatters, and fades under its influence.

Working at the boundaries of the image, my photographs undergo a natural physical transformation; the surface becomes a new landscape, an intricate weave altering the gaze upon the subject. The subject is merely an unstable presence, ready to morph and decompose in favor of what is new.

Not far from the processes shaping the nature surrounding us, the group of more abstract images acts as recorders of a time that transcends traditional photography but is expanded into days and months. These images autonomously come to life through the process of evaporation. A paper composed of stone dust is immersed in containers filled with water and colored pigment; as the latter evaporates, it deposits its residue on the paper, outlining the time of this process. Similar to how rock formations in our landscape change, smooth, and break under the influence of water and its karstic power, these images form like stalagmites in a cave.