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Fraternal Body is a try, a need to understand and investigate the relationship of brotherhood through the physicality of the body, used as a tool of measurement between relationships. This connection has no definition. It is something belonging to experiences, to the everyday life, where things happen without coming out and leaving signs that time let disappear. I would like to give a shape to this emptiness using materials to connect this components. The relation is a paradox, is a contrast of opposites, conflict and sharing are brought to extremes. The conflict investigates the body as a substance where signs are recorded. They changed during time to time and are brought to life as a common experience of conflicts memories that are the visible sign of a carnal absence. The sharing part take the body to an another level. The body disappear, only marks are visible thanks to the accumulation of clothes on the chair. This incessant movement between presence and absence became a “Fraternal Body” but still has no identity.  The photographic medium is questioned, it’s related with his material state through the exploration of spatiality and between the connection of relation with other artistic media like sculpture and the ready made.